The Stone Legacy

Charlotte Stone is a quiet, young beautiful lady who moved to a small town 5 years ago, When charlotte was 19, she got full custody of her younger sister Ana’s baby daughter Lucie, who was born when Ana was 14. 

When Ana gave birth in the bathroom, She tried to dispose of the baby scared that her strict parents would kill her, or send her away.

Both girls were sent away to boarding school on their 8th birthday, their father is a soldier and their mother is married to her career, she never really wanted children and didn’t know how to love them.

When Ana went back to boarding school and Charlotte graduated from high school. She moved to a different town with her husband Ramy, who loves Lucie like his own, three years later their baby girl Ryan was born.

They have the perfect life, Ramy is a soldier and Charlotte works in politics, Lucie is a grade A student and Ryan is a very smart toddler and Charlotte is expecting their first little boy. Recently Ana has moved to the same town and is trying to get to know her daughter, by acting as her aunt. image

Meet Ramy & Charlotte.


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Daddy/daughter time.



Sweater Weather: Two Accessory Sweaters

Both are gender converted from male to female

Male version coming very soon!

  • All morphs supported
  • Recolourable
  • Requires WA expansion pack


Version 1 - Rolled | Version 2 - Straight



70’s, 80’s 90’s stuff made BGC by PickyPikachu

Showtime stuff made BGC by Francythatsims

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Love this.

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i went ahead and made recolorable versions of my lace collar dress and ribbon blouse :3


Finally started to play the sims 3 again, I made a new same sex couple legacy :)